Thursday, May 14, 2009

Videos, Pictures and cards

We have been working hard to get a wide variety of UFC fighters and personalities to sign for us.
Below is a sampling of some of the subjects we have already recieved autographs and relics from along with the latest batch of TUF 9 cards. Only a few more left!



  1. Great stuff, I'm hoping that BJ also signed his Round 1 cards?

    Also, very nice work on finding comments on MMA forums and taking the time to message people looking for information.

    Thanks for the continued posts and info.

    Will there continue to be UFC tickets in the 2009 release? Any other special promo items in this release?

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes, BJ did sign for both his outstanding Round 1 cards and for this current release.

    There will not be instant win cards for tickets in this release.

  3. Thanks for the replies.

    Also anyone who is unfamiliar with Jacob "Stitch" Duran, the guy in the last pic above, he is a cut-man who has worked many MMA matches. He will be on tonight's episode of InsideMMA on HDNet talking about some of the matches he has worked.

  4. Cards look great!! I am looking foward to this series as well. I was one of the lucky few who purched Round 1 early. I will be at the Expo and I will be picking up a few boxes. There are people selling 2009 at way above MSRP! Is there both a hobby and retail boxes and if so what are you selling at the Expo?

  5. Will there be more redemption cards in this release or are you hoping to have none?

    And I would love to see an answer to Gabe's questions about hobby/retail and the cards sold at the expo.

  6. There will be both hobby and retail products available for 2009 Topps UFC.

    We will have a limited quantity of the Hobby boxes for sale at our booth at the a UFC Fan Expo in July.

    With redemptions it is always our intent to put out a product with zero redemptions but sometimes that is just not possible. We are working towards getting as many of the subjects into the packs for this release as always.

  7. I will be at the Expo On Saturday will there still be boxes left? I hope so. I would love to know more about the retail boxes. Are there still going to be 4 hit per box? and is the MSRP the same as a Hobby Boxes? I have been to the UFC Fan Expo site and what do the Limmited edition Patch Brock/GSP cards look like and are they only going to aviable at the expo?

  8. Retail boxes will be different in cost and configuration.

    Packs will have an SRP of $2.99 and will guarentee one auto or relic card per box.

    As for the Fan Expo patch cards... Keep checking the blog. New info will be coming shortly.

  9. This product is a total bummer. I had no idea a week ago that pre-sells already went out and sold out. Not only did they sell out, but the suppliers raised the prices to $115 a box or so. No chance of me getting my hands on this early (or for under 80) as I planned.

  10. I feel your pain most card shops did not offer a pre sale due to the success for round one. so they put them up for 1200-1400 a case and people are paying it. I think very few UFC fans got there hands on boxes at under 80.00 a box. the only chance at cheep boxes are the retail boxes. but a lot of the rare cards are not in them.

  11. This is a little off topic but I was hoping someone at Topps could address this. Pertaining to Round 1 I've heard a lot of people saying that they have never seen a Tim Credeur Red Auto or a Frankie Edgar/Tyson Griffin Dual Mat Auto Relic. Did these cards make it into boxes?

  12. How much will the boxes cost at the UFC Fan Expo; will they be cash only sales; and, will there be a limit to the number of boxes you can buy?

    Also, does Bruce Buffer do one autograph per box or one autograph per person who buys a box?