Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More cards!

Below are images of the UFC Debut cards from Dan and Jim Miller along with the TUF 9 competitors that fought last week.

Hope you enjoy them and let me know what what you would like to see next. We are getting more and more designs in everyday.


  1. base cards look very nice - i will be buying 2 boxes of this for sure.

  2. I really wish there were Octagon shaped die-cut cards...I think that would be a great subset.
    I also wish you could get photos of training camps together...all of the guys who train at a particular team together.

    I really do not like the yellow and black tape design on the new gear cards. I hope the chipping problem on the last set of autograph cards will be fixed; I want the construction quality to be up to par with the design quality!

    Great work!

    Everything else looks great!

  3. Have to totally agree there Shaun, the training camp photos would be very cool, and I don't care for the caution tape design either. And yes, please have the chipping problem resolved, some of my Round 1 auto cards are beyond horrible and that was right out of a sealed box.

    Mostly, I hope that there won't be any redemption cards this time.

  4. Where did you see the caution tape?

    Dan Henderson has to sign 750 autos according to that manila folder.....