Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miller Time!

Yesterday we were pleased to host Jim and Dan Miller in our office in NYC. Jim and Dan are rising stars in the UFC and proven fighters and past champs in other MMA leagues.

They were in to sign autos for us and drop off their fight memorabilia that will be included in 2009 Topps UFC (coming to stores in July 2009).

Below are photos and video (sorry its a little dark). Card samples to follow shortly.


  1. I thought the autographs were going to be "on card autographs" not sticker autographs. From the looks of the picture of the Millers signing, that information is incorrect. Are only the TUF inserts autographed on-card?

  2. That is correct Shaun. The TUF 9 autos are on-card. The rest will be stickers.