Friday, May 29, 2009

More cards, photos, and video

Sorry for the delay guys. We have been busy in the office putting the final touches on the 2009 Topps UFC cards.

Below are images of the final 4 TUF 9 contestants as well as photos and a video of UFC personalities signing for their cards.

In TUF related news, we were just in Vegas for the TUF 10 media day preparing cards for all of the new Heavyweights scheduled to compete in the upcoming season! Some really big guys there!

Jon Jones

The Voice! Bruce Buffer.

Denis Kang


  1. Will boxes at the fan expo be selling for the MSRP?

    Will the Topps UFC boxes be cash only at the fan expo or will you accept credit card payments as well?

    Is there a limit to the number of boxes a person can purchase at the fan expo?

    Will Bruce Buffer still be signing autographs for Topps at the Fan Expo? (This information has been removed from the UFC Fan Expo event program)

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Shaun,

    The plan is to have the product at our booth and sell it at $60 per box.

    We will be set up to accept payment in cash and credit cards.

    There will be a limit of 1 box per person, per day, as supplies last.

    Bruce Buffer is still scheduled to be at our booth on Friday, and we may have other people showing up as well. We should have updates on this soon.

    We also plan to have special limited edition patch cards for particular fighters available for sale as well. These cards will only be available to people at the Fan Expo and will be limited editions. Info on these cards will be available soon as well.

  3. Thank you so much for this info!
    Looking forward to being there bright and early Friday morning!

  4. The product is 3 weeks away. I would like to have a update on how many autos are in the set did brock get his autos in? and who are the duel mat auto cards going to be. I have so many questions and I cant wait. any info would be great.

  5. I know you guys will have these available during the expo, but what's the official street date for the hobby boxes?