Friday, February 27, 2009

Your Feedback - We want it!

With the cards finally hitting the stores this week I am sure some if not all of you have opened up some of the packs and started your collection. We have been very happy to hear some great reviews so far on other sites and collectors.

I was hoping to hear some feedback from you, our readers. Please post the good and the bad as both will help us create new cards for our upcoming releases.


  1. Will these cards be available for sale at the WEC event this weekend in Corpus Christi? I haven't been able to find them for sale locally, but would like to buy some if they will be sold at the event. Thanks!

  2. Paul Kelly Redemption Auto
    Thiago Silva Auto
    Ben Saunders Auto
    Lyoto Machida vs. Sam Hoger Mat Relic
    Forrest Griffin Ultimate Gear Trunks /500
    Maurico Rua vs. Forrest Griffin Mat Relic with stitches..
    Overall I was happy with what I got.. cant wait to see Round 2. Chris-Cincinnati, OH

  3. What happend to the Black and Red Parrallel cards? Even though they are clearly written on the wrappers, they seem to be MIA.

  4. Where can I get these in Canada?

  5. They need to be more widely available. I haven't been able to find a store in Arkansas that carries them. (Save your hillbilly jokes :)

    I heard that there may be a second wave coming out. Is that true?

  6. Pretty stoked on these. I ordered just one box and got the following.

    -GSP Auto!
    -Gonzaga Auto
    -Wilson Gouveia Auto (not on checklist?)
    -Thiago Alves Auto
    -Forest Ultimate Gear
    -Clay Guida Ultimate Gear (not on checklist?)

    So it is possible to get more than 3 auto's.

    I have a few questions:

    Whats up with Chuck Liddell and only 1 card?

    Why are the personality cards the fillers? I have at least 3-5 of each cards 91-99.

    Any other errors on the checklist?

    There is a GSP Auto'd card on ebay that is missing the auto! Sup with that. ERROR?

    Good job TOPPS... totally infatuated with these cards. Except the red ones. I refuse to collect those.

  7. I want to see more individual cards. The only individual cards were the victorious debuts and autograph cards. 80-90% of the cards were Fighter A vs Fighter B. I understand its the theme of this set, but i hope its not the theme of all the "Round" sets.

    I also want to see these individual cards with more stats, such as wins-losses, maybe their last 3-5 fights and outcomes, strengths and weaknesses.

    And lastly, id like to see Rookie or Prospect cards, for first year UFC fighters. Jon Jones would be an example of a great Rookie/Prospect card.

  8. The cards depict the fighter in his first ever ufc event. This would serve as the fighter's "rookie" card as it was the first printed card of said fighter. I'm sure as the additional rounds come out they will be able to gradually transcend to a more current roster, eventually just making cards of the fighters and the fights that were in the UFC for that particular year. I am surprised that of everyone collecting I am the only one to notice that the Shogun Rua/Forrest Griffin Mat Card is an error as it indicates the fight took place at UFN 15, when in fact it took place at UFC 76. I wonder if the mat in the card is from UFC 76 or if they really screwed the whole card love the 1/1 red rookies...I have already bought Rich Franklin and GSP 1/1 rookie base cards and couldn't be happier :o)

  9. I busted a box of this yesterday and got...

    Thiago Alves autograph
    Chris "The Crippler" Leben autograph
    Matt Riddle Ultimate Gear relic
    Frankie Edgar vs Tyson Griffin mat card
    Yushin Okami vs Alan Belcher mat card

    I was missing one of my three autographs.

    I also think some of the pictures chosen for the fighters were not the greatest. Randy Couture, Kenny Florian and Yushin Okami come to mind with some of the bad photo choices.

  10. I was upset that the price of these cards inflated so much. Now I can't afford them @_@.

  11. Could Topps or Beckett or someone, anyone please release an accurate Checklist. So far that is my main gripe. If you actually want to take a decent swipe at a complete collection (minus the 1/1 cards of course) then you have no way of actually knowing how many or what you have left to collect. So PLEASE RELEASE AN ACCURATE CHECKLIST, whew. That said, great cards on the whole.

  12. I have bought several boxes and I've noticed that all of the signature cards come chipped along the edges right out of the pack. They are the only cards like this. I've bought many on eBay as well, all with chipped edges, but it's only the signature cards. Also, there are seevral error cards in the packs. I have 5 myself, I haven't seen any duplicate error cards but there are at least 15 error cards I have seen, all on eBay. They never got the names stamped on the red banner of the parallel cards, the silver foil stamps are missing entirely as well. I have Evan Tanner, Mike Swick, CB Dollaway, Cheick Kongo and Kendall Grove. I have also seen them for Royce Gracie and Rampage as well. These error cards should be discussed as far as how rare they are. And I would also like to know why the price of these cards went up $40 a box overnight?? Now they are too expensive to buy more.

  13. i'd like to see a "Legends of Pride" set as Zuffa owns the rights of Pride. would be a good way to recoup some of their losses in that acquisition.