Thursday, February 5, 2009

Answers and updates

The sampling event at UFC 94 was a huge success. Many fans leaving the Grand Garden Arena went home with the first Topps produced UFC cards. The reaction from fans as well as UFC executives when they saw them was impressive and many people were eager to know where they can get more.

UFC Round 1 will be available at three distinct locations.
1 - Trading Card Hobby Shops:
2 - All UFC live events
3 - UFC Webstore

UFC Round 1 has a suggested retail price of $5 per pack. There are 8 cards per pack and 16 packs per box. Each box is guaranteed to have 3 autograph cards and 3 memorabilia cards featuring a piece of fighter-worn gear or octagon mat.

As the release date gets closer the excitement in the Topps and UFC offices grows by leaps and bounds.

I can't wait to get this product on the shelves and into your hands!

Thanks for your questions and comments. Keep them coming.


  1. Are there any plans in the future to sell them at retail stores such as Wal-Mart or Target?

  2. UFC Round 1 will be only available at the locations listed above.

    Future releases may be available in retail locations like Walmart, Target, and other retail establishments.

  3. Is the release date still 2/12? I talked to a seller that thought it may be pushed back.

  4. Is this product finished being produced, or will more be printed?