Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1st box opened

Beckett.com has just posted the latest episode of Box Breakers, opening the first box of UFC Round 1 trading cards.

Be sure to watch for their big hits as well as their thoughts on this exciting new product.


  1. I'll volunteer to open the 2nd box. I'll film it and everything.

    This did get me even more excited about the cards.

  2. Rampage will win the title in just enough time for Lyoto Machida to take it from him.

  3. I am looking forward to actually finding an online store that sells them at or below MSRP price! Was the redemption card used because the insert couldn't be included at the time?

  4. The redemptions are used for cards that feature autographs and/or pieces of memorabilia that could not be obtained in enough time to include in the product.

  5. that was exciting! .. now I haven't collected cards since the 80's. Someone please explain to me what parallel cards are? Google that and you get no explanations. Im so confused. Also, how many total cards do you think this set has? Meaning all varieties. Thanks.

    -nomabeach at yahoo

  6. Parallel cards are cards that usually have a different color scheme, print run or they might be refractors/chrome.

    The UFC product looks to have 3 different parallels. Red, black and gold. Red is the most rare since they are 1 of 1 or the only one made (one of a kind). Black are numbered up to 888 and then there are gold. So for each card of the base set you can get four different versions. A base card of Dana White, a red parallel of Dana White, a black parallel of Dana White and a gold parallel of Dana White. That goes for the entire base set.

  7. 100 - Base cards
    100 - Red Parallel numbered to 1
    100 - Black Parallel numbered to 888
    100 - Gold Parallel
    50 - Base autographs
    40 - Red Ink parallel autographs #ed to 25
    10 - Dual autograph mat relic #ed to 25
    20 - Autograph gear relic #ed to 25
    50 - Fight mat relic
    50 - Fight mat red parallel #ed to 1
    50 - Fight mat gold parallel #ed to 88
    20 - Ultimate gear relic
    10 - Top 10 fights of '08 insert
    10 - Top 10 fights of '08 red parallel #ed to 1
    10 - Top 10 fights of '08 gold #ed to 88
    20 - Victorious debut insert
    20 - Victorious debut red parallel #ed to 1
    20 - Victorious debut gold parallel #ed to 88
    1 - Checklist

    About 781 different cards it looks like to me. I think it will be pretty hard to collect everything.