Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The one card you will not find in Topps UFC Main Event

Topps UFC main Event is stacked with cool cards! First time auto relic cards from Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Josh Koscheck, along with Topps Chrome Autographed Jumbo Mat Relic cards from Anderson Silva and not to mention the first time you will be able to get cards with actual Octagon cage pieces.

The one card you will not find in Topps UFC Main Event is a redemption card!

Be on the look out for these and many more exciting Topps UFC cards in stores next month.


  1. It's too bad that you changed the name of this product from "Uncaged" to "Main Event". I think the new name is really a poor choice and reminds me of the old WWF Saturday Night's Main Event from my childhood. Even with Brock Lesnar, I wouldn't ever want to link the UFC to anything WWF/WWE related. These cards are also coming out way too soon (obviously to compete with Upper Deck Prominent Cuts) and I am concerned that the rush will increase the already present quality issues with the insert cards that a lot of us experienced in Round 1 & 2. I also think that the rush of this product is going to drive down the price on what is becoming a watered-down market; it is better to hold off on this round and just cherry-pick the few cards that I do want. That should leave 156 boxes more for the rest of you to buy/sort/pine over. (That was my final Round 2 box tally for myself)

    I'd rather save my money for UFC Fan Expo 2010 this May!

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  3. one card i havn't seen yet is kimbo's, kevin fergueson card. Does this exisit or what??? and how many were made?

  4. Bub,

    I have seen the card. It does exist.

    There were less than 5 cards that he signed as Kevin Ferguson at the TUF photo-shoot.

    It looks like there is still a big prize waiting to be discovered in an unopened pack of 2009 Topps UFC.

  5. i still have 2 cases , maybe i have one