Monday, November 9, 2009

"2010 Topps UFC Uncaged" Preview

2010 Topps UFC Uncaged is the third trading card release planned to bring MMA fans and card collectors even closer to the action. We expect this product to hit the shelves in early 2010.

Hobby boxes will have 5 hits (2 autos and 3 relics). Our newest relic will be pieces of the actual UFC Octagon that was used in PPVs, Fight Nights, and TUF Finales.

Below is just a sample of some of the base, auto, and relic cards we have planned. Please let me know what you think.

UFC Fighter Base Card
UFC Debut Base Card

UFC Fighter Red Parrallel
UFC Debut Gold Parrallel

UFC Fighter Auto
TUF Tribute Insert Card
UFC Authentic Cage Relic
UFC Fighter Auto Relic

UFC Mat Relic
UFC Fighter Relic
CHROME Triple Threat Relic
(Mat/Fighter Gear/Cage)
CHROME Dual Auto Dual Relic


  1. I think this is to early. I am still working on the last set. Flooding the market is gonna kill me.

  2. Hello,

    Very happy you have solicited early input - many thanks! Here are my thoughts:

    1) Pls don't over-saturate the market with auto's of the same guy - while few invest most do like fact if they need the $'s they can sell their cards. While MMA is growing its clear Round 2 prices have stabilized and if Round 3 comes out as I perceive it in early 2010 it will sell below MSRP. I understand your have your license and need to hit margin - but you also need to be cautious of losing collectors.
    2) Build on the same key inserts - Bloodlines as a an example - would be great to see another list of 5-10 fighters with autos #'d to 25 in subsequent releases. Octogon of Honor not so much IMO.
    3) This market is so much like early sports cards markets - inserts and relics actually sell for money b/c Topps currently has a monopoly as UFC largely does in MMA. Great for collectors in my opinion as long as you provide proper stewardship with the license. Don't commoditize relics, etc. I am worried btw partially b/c of Topps losing the Football license - will BB and MMA and non-sports all get over-produced for Topps to remain a viable entity?
    4) On card autographs really make a big difference - look at the secondary price differences for Henderson and Bisping TUF vs. regular Autos. I know its tough but would be great to see more on-card autos.
    5) Incorporate Dana White as Autograph card
    6) Any chance to incorporate game to win Autograph Fight-Worn gloves, Tickets to PPVs, Merchandise would be fine.

    Those are thoughts from top of my head - really great products and sincere thanks for posting. Have purchased quite a bit and look forward to continuing to do so moving forward.

    Kind regards!

  3. lose the Old English fonts. They make your cards look like Affliction cards and are harder to read and take up too much room.

  4. Not a fan of the Old English font either, kinda played out, but I can tell the care that has been put into raising the overall quality of the cards is on point. The die-cutting looks better, the autos look classier, and the photography/style is improved.

    Don't flood the market too soon on these. You have a loyal fan base that is buying cards and does not wish for this niche hobby to become watered down.

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  6. Thanks for the early feedback. Please keep it coming.

    It should be noted that ALL of the cards (except for the Chrome ones) will be printed on foilboard similar to the Bloodlines and other insert cards found in earlier Topps UFC products.

  7. My two main concerns are:

    1.) Timing - Too soon.
    2.) Font - The old english font makes it hard to take these cards seriously.

    Suggestions: I suggest this on another forum and everyone seemed to enjoy the idea: WEC autos or WEC insert set!

  8. Chrome? Did I hear chrome? Which cards are chrome? A chrome set wold have been much better... like the old 2003 basketball bowman DP&S with the on card Wade auto... that would be outstanding!!

  9. Cards look great!!!!! but I have to agree with many others. eairly 2010 is MUUUUCH to soon to release these cards. please don't kill somthing that is really going good and geting larger and larger everyday.

  10. Can we try not to damage the Rare Parallels this time? They are just as jacked up as the majority of Gold Parallels. Did you guys throw them against poles or something before putting them in the packs?
    Why not set a date and hit it?
    That way we can decide if we want to tie up our money 6 months for another watered down product that will drop in value like this one has.
    I recommend not pissing off the few guys that have made this product a success. If we feel you are over producing and killing the value, then we may sit out on this release. I know I will.
    And how many Machida autographs can you put out at one time?
    Which leads to one more complaint....Why would you replace a Round 1 limited to 25 card with one limited to 100??? Is a Machida duel auto worth as much when you made two in round 2 and replaced every one in Round 1 with the Machida/Diego? And let's not even bring up the Huerta situation. Replacing a red auto with a blue franklin and 2 watered down packs?????????????????? WTH?
    I'm glad you took the chance and made mma cards, but you are screwing it up quick by overproducing and with your lack of concentrated marketing to MMA fans.
    It's going to take some convincing to make me buy this one. Tito is the only selling point IMO. It would be far cheaper to let all the hobby store guys open up this watered down product and I'll cherry pick the only good card in the set.

  11. You need to have better quality control with your product. It's like you finally sift through all the bullcrap and get something of quality and it is bent or chipped or dented.

    People and the true collectors aren't going to put up with this junk you keep pushing out as a premium product. Step up the game and actually work with the collectors and not the fat, dirty hobby shop owners who only care about money and not the cards!

    This is the reason the sports card hobby has been screwed up for years now, because you pumped inserts into it, and stopped caring about the fans and the kids and the American's hard earned money going into this.

  12. You should try to find a group of collectors who have a vested interest in this and get some true front line feedback.

    If these cards come out, and I see Old English font on them, I know you're full of crap and really don't care about what we said.

    Not to mention the fact you have different fonts all over the cards...

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  14. I must say, a lot of hobby insiders are pretty pissed off you guys are more concerned about making a quick buck than creating a high quality product that maintains the rarity of Round 1.

    I know for a fact you will lose several fans and followers of these cards if you release these early 2010.

    Most collectors are still working on collecting the SETS of Round 1 and Round 2. Unlike the other sports where people are content with collecting a favorite player, it seems that most people buying this product are trying to complete sets which is good for Topps. If you do not allow collectors enough time to collect the product, people give up.

    Many collectors also missed Round 1 and now can't get it for less than $600/pox or $25-$40/pack. Creating a high demand and low supply is good for the market. People want something to invest in, not overly-foiled-gold-plated-platinum cards. This isn't Pokemon.

    KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Listen to the collectors and the community and don't blow this for everyone.

    Suggestion, why don't you short print some cards?

    What's your selling point now that Ortiz and Johnson have lost?

    Also, keep Bloodlines. It's a nice insert set and highly collectible.

    Finally, we don't have the money to keep buying these cards. Give us a break, let us collect, and we'll get rolling again late 2010.

  15. I like some of the new looks and styles. I am going to have to agree with everyone else however. Putting more out so soon will kill the value of these great cards. If they come out so soon I wont be able to collect them like I have been the other rounds. I might get a couple of the cards I want, but I am still wore out (and broke) from the last release!! We need more time to reset and get some anticipation to biuld up.
    With that said I just want to say I love this product!! Thank you

  16. Guys, don't let the 5 box case make you believe the lower prices. Do the math on the 24 packs and be very careful what you pay. Would any of you pay $3 for Round 2 packs, knowing the odds?
    So $3x24 x 5 is $360. Tell me you couldn't buy a base set for $10, insert sets for $10, and watered down average guy autos for $2 each. Much cheaper to sit back and buy individual cards a month after the product releases. Round 2 is so oversaturated that now would be the time to complete sets for nothing. This really screws over the guys who spent a lot to support these cards. We were paying $150/box thinking we were getting in early. I'm not opening any of this stuff. I'm going to buy cheap cards and make a master set for less than $360 and let everyone else pay a bunch of money opening it and pulling crap. Your odds of hitting a duel auto or a Tito rare auto would cost you thousands playing the odds. If you just wait a month, you'll probably get them for less than $200. The best cards in Round 2 are dying.

  17. Topps - you asked for our input, I provided several points Nov 9th in my original post. Do you plan on responding to any of the comments/thoughts/suggestions made by many of the collectors who (myself included) who have spent a lot of money on your Round 1/2 products?

    If you didn't plan on responding why did you ask? Very disheartening - does the Topps brand manager understand by not replying they are turning off the folks who in the past had bought the product?

  18. My nipples hurt from being milked more than I expected this year.

  19. Thanks once again for your continued postings. We constantly scan this area for feedback, suggestions, likes, dislikes and take them all into consideration when planning our future trading card releases.

    To answer some questions specifically:
    We are including several WEC fighters in this next set. This will include several autograph subjects as well from the WEC.

    We continue to go after new autograph subjects in each new release. I think fans and collectors will be pleased with the new additions.

    We also like the idea of continuing some of the past inserts in future releases. You should see some familiar inserts (with new subjects and photography) in some upcoming releases.

    Please keep the ideas coming. Although the suggestions may not make it into the upcoming product, they could help impact a future product.

  20. When I read through the complaints, the one you seemed to overlook is the overwhelming negative response to how quickly you are producing and killing the value of what we've supported up to this point.

    That being said, with direct box costs of $100, what makes you think we will pay the mark up from hobby stores? Boxes have all but halted on ebay for $80 for Round 2.
    Most 2nd series mat relics will not even get a bid for a buck right now. I don't care if there's 5 hits in this. That's $5 in my mind.

    Do you really think we will pay a starting price of $125/box. What cards are worth playing the odds? You are talking to guys who have spent a fortune to support these and we can't even sell any right now. If we can't sell them, we can't buy them. SLOW DOWN!!!!

  21. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Round 1 was fun because it was so limited. I liked the fact there was a 1/1's & 1/88 for some and 1/288 for others. But come on Diamond, ruby ,onyx , bronze, gold, silver, titanium, platinum , chrome, emerald???? Round 2 was just overproduced. I will be taking the money I would normally buy a couple cases with and spend it on the cards I really want from you guy's that didn't learn your lesson from round 2. No offense, but the anticipation and bust from this last round is about as disappointing as the Forrest Griffin / Anderson Silva fight.
    Topps thanks for giving us round 1 and bring the quality up in round two, Uncaged Looks good but its TOO SOON! The live event tickets were cool, bring something like that back. Limit the product like round one! And if you say your going to release in feb. 2010 DO IT!! Hit your deadlines! If your not sure over estimate. Don't string us along for months and tie up our money. Sorry if I have offended anyone, but I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.....

  22. Dude, don't apologize. Topps, you blatantly disregarded commenting on the hair-trigger release of cards. That's disrespectful to everyone leaving commments on this board. If you knew anything about community-driven web sites/products you would know that alienating the customer is the last thing to do.

    If you listened to the real collectors, say some of the folks over at, you might get some where with your product. There is so much potential for you to make even more money if you actually let your collectors decide more of the direction of your product.

    A lot of people are saying let Upper Deck do MMA cards because you don't know what you're doing.

  23. the people that actually take time to post on this board are the hardcore collectors. you need to listen to us.

  24. "Please keep the ideas coming. Although the suggestions may not make it into the upcoming product, they could help impact a future product." -Topps

    Future Product?
    I hope you don't mean a 4th one in March 2010

    I suggest Stopping, evaluating, and release a limited, kick ass product in May.

    If you piss everyone off this time, good luck selling a Future Product.

  25. I think uncagged is a great idea, come on people there is a cage relic and a triple threat with cage, worn, and mat relic on one card! THATS INSANE!!! I love round 2 was not fortunate enough to get round one and I put a deposit on dave and adams for a case of 10, I cant wait!!! great job topps!!! disregard the haters!

  26. the chrome cards, and addition of wec is great.
    i think the main complaint is it is being released way too soon. the design is ok but the old englsih font is awful looking. if that can still be changed it defenetly should.

    are there any other changes or additions that topps can share with us ?

  27. Only triple threat I see is 3 releases in a year. LOL
    Got milk?

  28. Hey, why not create a collectible card game that is based on MMA and UFC stuff? We could collect cards and use them for an ongoing purpose sort of like WWE had with their RAW DEAL ccg a couple years ago. I played that a bunch and it was fun. They had huge tournaments and leagues. Perhaps that could be the product that is released in May as jess o suggested. You could also win prizes like tickets and such as Matt suggested through tournament wins. I don't know, just a thought. I know I'd play.

  29. Does anyone know the MSRP on these?


  31. LetGo "You Haven't posted in Two months! How about 5 months? All I see is ignoring the main concern of releasing too early.
    And mhalla21, Are you really excited about the Cage Relic? And do you really think you are going to pull a Triple Threat? Do the math, You'll spend thousands to pull a $100 Triple Threat. It's not being a Hater, it's the facts. Every 30 cases has a triple. The most expensive triple sells for $100. 30, 10 box cases will cost you $45,000!!!!!!
    This 3rd release was a joke. Can't wait to see the anticipated 4th release soon. Slow Down Topps!!!