Friday, January 9, 2009

Special Request

Due to a request from a reader, here is a sample of the base card backs.

Keep your suggestions, questions, and comments coming!


  1. Thank you for fulfilling my request! It's looking good.

    Could we see an example of a "parrarel" card? Maybe side-by-side with one of the base cards. I don't think there's one posted yet.

  2. Will the cards be in stores February 15th or is that the date that they will start shipping out?

    And what retail stores will they be available in?

  3. First the release date said January, then it says February, now it says Coming Soon!. What's the hold up? I had this same exact problem when I ordered the UpperDeck MMA cards, and those ended up being cancelled. I hope these cards don't have the same fate.