Friday, December 12, 2008


Welcome UFC fans to the new Topps-UFC Card Blog. My name is Jeremy and I am one of the many people working on the brand new UFC: Round 1 trading cards from Topps. We met with UFC six months ago and together shared the same passion to bring a UFC trading card to life, now in just a few weeks this vision will come to reality!

I am hopeful this blog will provide fans an insider’s perspective on how our first product comes to life and how our relationship with UFC evolves. Here I along with others on the Topps team will provide updates on our progress and an inside peek on soon to be released products. There will even be a chance to win tickets to an upcoming UFC event for all of our readers!

Please be sure to check back often and get ready to be one of the first fans to get your hands on UFC Round 1 trading cards in stores at the end of January!


  1. Thanks for the blog. I can't wait until the cards come out.

  2. I'm a grown man and I can't wait to go out and collect the whole set.

  3. I am pumped for these cards to hurry & come out. I will not miss a set!